Entry #1

Hello Newgrounds

2009-07-01 03:03:40 by Windstorm1

It's time I posted some news so that my profile didn't look so sad XD Hello to anyone who bothers to visit my profile, Windstorm here. ^__^ You guys can just call me Kat. I hope to contribute some of my own flash to the portal soon, after I work out the bugs and actually complete a flash worth watching O_o'''

Anyway, some background about me...uh...I'm random. I have a cat =D I'm in college. I'm a Deviant Artist. My style is cartoonish, not realistic but not anime either XD My birthday is in August! I like pie. And nachos. Pie and nachos are awesome, but not at the same time >.< I make Spore creatures for fun. And I play Perfect World =D BUT I'm not here to socialize, I'm here to make flash!

Hello Newgrounds


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2009-07-01 03:25:05

That drawing up there looks similar to the one in my profile pic, only there's not as much detail in mine.

Windstorm1 responds:

O_O Whoa, it kinda does. Nice =D

Your sprite movies are hilarious XD


2009-07-01 04:15:26

welcome to ng

Windstorm1 responds:

Thanks =D


2009-08-08 14:55:06

HELLOZ! hope you work out your bugs to make a crazy cakes flash!! ^__^