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Drawing Chibi For Noobs! Drawing Chibi For Noobs!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Art is Art

I think it's an overall good tutorial, all the buttons work, and the art was pretty nice, although I think I'll stick to my own style of drawing chibis for now ^__^

Now, as for people (jerks) giving this a zero JUST because its "CHIBI", Art is Art, and everyone has their own style preferences. Heck, even drawing in this style is different for everyone. Chibis are quick and easy to draw, which makes them very common in flashes here on newgrounds, like it or not.

And what if someone came up and said that your flashes sucked because of the style--oops, I forgot you zero givers don't have any flashes, so maybe you should know that making a tutorial with buttons and art and having to repeat every step in creating something over and over again to instruct someone is freaking hard, regardless of the fact that it's a chibi. Half the good flashes on newgrounds involve chibis in one way shape or form. Deal with it.

And chibis can be as detailed, simple, extravagant, silly, original, and interesting as someone wants them to be.

Don't diss the tutorial JUST because it's chibi style, it's still a popular form of art everywhere. And it just goes to show that if someone can't do it, they'll get mad about it. ¬.¬''' Yeesh.

Poti05 responds:

thanks! finally someone understands!

Spewer Spewer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

D: But I've been stuck on the Dive level (CH. 5) for 3 days now. Either you need an enormous amount of luck, or 3 hands to get past that level. Anyone know how?

Anyway, excellent graphics and music ^.^ The puzzles are difficult, but fun, and the whole concept of barfing to pass the game is interesting and new XD I've been playing it for about a week straight now in my spare time. And in class.