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Pokemon: Fated Encounter Pokemon: Fated Encounter

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Epic, to say the least!

Amazing animation, seriously! The drawings weren't super detailed, but that's expected when there is just so much ACTION going on in only 4 and a half minutes. I do still prefer your first one, though, because it seemed the animation fit better with the music. But that's just me ;3 Still a VERY amazing, action packed flash.

Also, I notice that most people that rate good flashes like these 0 usually have no flashes, nor any practice in flash. That's sad. ( @ MudPanda ]:< )

Bonehead: The Cereal Box Bonehead: The Cereal Box

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Katamari XD

XD This is awesome for a first flash!

The work and time you put into it really shows, the voices and music matched perfect with the animation, and the different expressions on Bonehead were funny (the dog really only had one expression and it was pretty good too XD). Plus an extra point for using Katamari music.

One thing, as the last guy said, practice a bit more with the expression in voice acting. When he screamed "Shut up!" in the begining, he looked seriously PO'd, but only sounded mildly ticked off. Then again, it's just your first flash and you'll always get better the more you work with it. And I'm no flash expert yet either.

Also, congrats on getting the frontpage on your first flash! If you're gonna make this a whole series, I'll keep coming back for more =D

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Drawing Chibi For Noobs! Drawing Chibi For Noobs!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Art is Art

I think it's an overall good tutorial, all the buttons work, and the art was pretty nice, although I think I'll stick to my own style of drawing chibis for now ^__^

Now, as for people (jerks) giving this a zero JUST because its "CHIBI", Art is Art, and everyone has their own style preferences. Heck, even drawing in this style is different for everyone. Chibis are quick and easy to draw, which makes them very common in flashes here on newgrounds, like it or not.

And what if someone came up and said that your flashes sucked because of the style--oops, I forgot you zero givers don't have any flashes, so maybe you should know that making a tutorial with buttons and art and having to repeat every step in creating something over and over again to instruct someone is freaking hard, regardless of the fact that it's a chibi. Half the good flashes on newgrounds involve chibis in one way shape or form. Deal with it.

And chibis can be as detailed, simple, extravagant, silly, original, and interesting as someone wants them to be.

Don't diss the tutorial JUST because it's chibi style, it's still a popular form of art everywhere. And it just goes to show that if someone can't do it, they'll get mad about it. ¬.¬''' Yeesh.

Poti05 responds:

thanks! finally someone understands!

Spewer Spewer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

D: But I've been stuck on the Dive level (CH. 5) for 3 days now. Either you need an enormous amount of luck, or 3 hands to get past that level. Anyone know how?

Anyway, excellent graphics and music ^.^ The puzzles are difficult, but fun, and the whole concept of barfing to pass the game is interesting and new XD I've been playing it for about a week straight now in my spare time. And in class.

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CCC - Loop CCC - Loop

Rated 0 / 5 stars

GarageBand Loop?

I'm sorry, but just uploading the Chaise Lounge Long GarageBand loop does not mean you "made" this song. You didn't even add anything to it, it's just the plain loop from beginning to end. I usually vote pretty good on music, but because this is a complete lack of creativity, I'm afraid I have to give this a 0/10. You may have been able to sneak this past your music teacher, but just uploading loops from Garageband to newgrounds is not a good way to get positive attention.




Ambush and Retaliation Ambush and Retaliation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Start ^^

Some people may not like the scratchy guitar and say that it isn't clean sounding, but as a listener of semi-industrial style music, the stressed guitar and the unmastered feel makes it better in my opinion ^^ Then again, not everyone has an ear for industrial.

The feeling I get from this piece makes me want to do evil things >P As a first piece, it's a good start. Maybe kick up the base and drums in the melody a bit so they're not overpowered by the guitar as much, they're very faint after the guitar kicks in.
I like the use of the synth orchestra to kind of fill out the middle between the main guitar and the drums ^^

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It's Dawn It's Dawn

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Only one other time have I been so profoundly moved by stunning music of this quality, and that was the Lion King soundtrack.

You're an amazing artist, and this is some of the most beautiful music I've heard on newgrounds to date, and that goes for all of your songs. ^^ I've been looking for this kind of music to inspire my artwork again.

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Bo in the Snow Bo in the Snow

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I knew I'd seen your work on DA! Bleedman's work rules, but your style has a certain flare to it. And even though you say it's blandly colored, I think that the colors really fit with the mood of winter, since the sky is dark blue-grey, bright colors would look out of place. Awesome work.

Dani Phantom Dani Phantom

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I love the design, I could see her wearing something like that if she was a little older than she was in the show. Are you planning on coloring it?

Also, your style seems very familiar, I think I've seen some of your work on deviantart =D

auriceli responds:

Maybe you have! Check me out at
And yeah, I've been thinking about coloring it (it's mostly black and white, but she could use some flesh tones)